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Discipline/holy priest - Saphiramoon
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1st February 2019
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1st February 2019 - 21:10
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  • Your real name: Oana
  • Your age: 41 (ye, I'm that old.)
  • Your nationality: Romanian
  • Character name: Saphiramoon
  • Class: Priest (Discipline main spec, holy offspec)
  • Applying as (Social, or Raider): Raider.
  • Days /played on this character: Well, this is embarrassing. 

    Total time played: 541 days, 16 hours, 58 minutes, 52 seconds;
    Time played this level: 19 days, 13 hours;, 47 minutes;, 21 seconds;
    In my defense, this has been my main since TBC, and I'm not big on alts.

  • Talents, main and offspec:

    Mainspec discipline/raiding spec: Schism (Twist of Fate can be useful on some encounters where people stay low for long enough), Angelic Feather (priest is poor on mobility as it is); Solace (provides more mana and more dps/hps than the other 2 choices); Shining Force (occasional useful for adds push back); Sins of the Many (Shadow Covenant being good for bursting weeks and meter padding); Hallo (best choice) or Divine Star/Purge the Wicked (if there's CC that should not be broken, as Hallo tends to do that); Evangelism (Luminous Barrier being a meter padder, and Lenience being situational). 
    For m+ I switch to Divine Star, Lenience and Shadow Covenant for some affixes. 

    Holy raiding: Enlightenment, Feather, Shining Force, Circle of Healing, Hallo or Divine star if CC present, Holy Word Salvation. 
    For holy m+ I switch to Train of light, Guardian Angel Surge and Apotheosis. 

    I enjoy discipline, which has been my mainspec for all the expansions since Wrath, and as such I played holy a lot less, but it's sometimes better suited for some encounters, and I don't mind switching to it. However, my gear is itemized for disc, and the stat prio is exactly opposite. 

  • Are you willing and able to play your offspec in raids?: Yes. 
  • Relevant links, Armory, Wowprogress, Warcraftlogs etc: 
  • Authenticator, (for guild bank access/promotions) Yes/No : Yes
  • Will you be able to attend two of the three raid days?: I'll generally be able to attend all 3.
  • Signups are locked 24 hours before raid night to set raid roster, is this an issue for you?(if yes please elaborate): No, my schedule is pretty predictable and I tend to sign up a month ahead and just sign off if needed.
  • Are you able to talk on Discord?: Yes.
  • Previous guild history / raiding experience (why did you end up leaving?):

    Guild history

    : I'm not gonna start from the beginning, as I don't think anybody is interested in my ancient history.
    I came to Tarren Mill at the start of Cata (had been on Boulderfist before), joined Reincarnated, where I stayed for a year and a bit; The guild split at some point and I ended up in the half that left, called Lux Tenebrae, where I stayed for around 9 months, when the officers quit the game and kicked us all (the raiding team). We regrouped and took over Lost Society, which was dead and for sale at the time. I have been a raider and an officer in Lost Society for 5 years, until I burned out and stepped down. In parallel, the guild struggled more and more, and put an end to the suffering at the beginning of Nighthold in Legion. I joined Fallout with a part of the raiding team, and we integrated very well there, raiding with them for about a year and a half. Unfortunately, the infusion of raiders from Lost Society was a band aid, and the guild struggled at the start of BfA, until it called it quits after a month of alternatively wiping on Zekvoz and not getting raids up. I took a break for a month, then looked for a new guild and ended up in Incoming, which sounded very good on paper for me and Leonaras, but we didn't click. I will be honest and say outright they were not happy enough with our performance. We have sorted things here and are currently social members only, thus free to look for a new guild. As you can see from my history, I generally tend to be amongst the people turning the lights off at the end. 

    Raiding history: I started raiding casually in TBC (Kara, ZA and starter bosses in 25 man raids), but only started raiding for real in Wrath. Cleared all content on hc when it was relevant (except 25 man LK hc, only killed that on 10).
    Migrated to Tarren Mill at the start of Cata, cleared all on hc 25 man.
    In MoP I started raiding with Lost Society and we cleared all on 25 man mythic/heroic in their respective tier except Sha of Fear, Lei shen (still got some legendary under 5% wipes in my memory) and obviously Ra-den. We killed those on 10 man.
    In WoD we killed all on mythic in time except Blackhand and Blast Furnace (we were always struggling on middle tiers from lack of time).
    In Legion I did not kill Helya mythic when she was relevant, nor Elisande and Guldan, Avatar, Maiden, KJ and Antorus mythic. The kills I have on some of them are in later tiers. 
    In BfA I killed 5/8 in Uldir. 

  • How do you plan on contributing to Acheron?:
    Having been on so extended no raiding times this expansion, I won't say my performance is as high as I'm used to, but the nature of my spec is such that it needs progressing on a fight to perform well. I went from 2 bosses to 5 in Incoming, none of the 3 progress, and as such, I never got used to the fights as I should have.
    However, I'm reliable, I don't go for loot drama (in all honesty, m+ has plenty of gear) or generally drama, I enjoy the challenge and I'm used to wiping (I think we had 400 wipes on Archimonde). I take criticism well, and I always try to improve. If you need somebody that will not ditch the guild when it hits hard times, then I'm a good candidate. 
  • Tell us about yourself: Erm....I'm an architect irl, I like aquascaping (got a planted tank, not a lot of time for it though), I keep rescue pigeons. I'm friendly and easy going, though probably not an extrovert. I'm applying together with a friend mage, Leonaras, and unfortunately we are a package deal (we don't mind being sat separately but we'll only join together and you'll have to fail us both if it comes to that). In or defense, our performance and experience are pretty similar.
  • Other games you like to play: I have a pretty demanding job and I'm involved in several irl activities so I only have time for WoW. Leo forced me to play some game of HoTS for some mount or something. Also Heartstone, where I just punched him (I think). I used to play Dota before wow, and I played LoL and GW2 at some point. 
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7th July 2015
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1st February 2019 - 23:31
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Thank you for your application. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with a response.

Forum Posts: 4161
Member Since:
7th July 2015
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2nd February 2019 - 12:50
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We've decided to offer you a trial. Please speak with an officer in game for a guild invite.

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