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    Carapace of N’zoth Mythi...

    13 May 2020 , by Madmike

    After we learned the dance around the room we took down Carapace of N’Zoth in true Acheron style with only 2 raid members left alive. N’Zoth himself is all that remains! Read more

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    Ra-den Mythic

    5 April 2020 , by Madmike

    Once we conquered the WeakAura boss the tentacle arm corrupted Ra-den was defeated! Read more

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    Vexiona Mythic

    15 March 2020 , by Madmike

    Aruonsbow’s clear commands of where to move to avoid Vexiona’s breath felt like we were marching in the army. But it helped get us the victory over this corrupted dragon. Onwards to Ra-den! Read more

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