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    The Queen’s Court Mythic

    13 October 2019 , by Madmike

    After several close attempts where we reached the enrage timer we finally pulled off a bit more DPS and got them! Za’qul stands between us and Queen Azshara herself! Read more

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    Orgozoa Mythic

    26 September 2019 , by Madmike

    Other than getting covered in incubating fluid it was a nice clean kill, well done everyone. Now time for Azshara to boss us around at Queen’s Court! Read more

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    Blackwater Behemoth Mythic

    28 July 2019 , by Madmike

    We went for a swim and vanquished a fish! Lemon was being too stealthy and couldn’t be seen in the kill shot, so Grunn’s expert image editing skills were put to good use. Read more

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