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    Recruitment is open

    28 February 2017 , by Madmike

    Acheron are recruiting healers and DPS for mythic Nighthold raiding. We’re currently 3/10 M Nighthold. Previous progress 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge). Raid schedule: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 20.30 – 23.00 CET. A bit about ourselves and how we like to run our raids: We are a friendly and mature guild with a relaxed atmosp...

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    Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic

    23 February 2017 , by Madmike

    After a couple of evenings on Chronomatic Anomaly mythic mode he was finally defeated on the famous last attempt of the eveningtm Onwards to the cake boss!

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    Gul’dan Defeated. Illidan Returns!

    9 February 2017 , by Madmike

    After chasing Gul’dan for 3 expansions he’s finally defeated! Also, Illidan is back and on our side! It’s like a mad soap opera! Onward to mythic Nighthold! Look at the sneaky troll taking selfies!

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    The Nightmare is Over!

    10 January 2017 , by Madmike

    Well done to Acheron on defeating mythic Xavius in Emerald Nightmare just 2 days after freeing Cenarius from his nightmare. It’s a fantastic feeling to clear one round of content before Nighthold arrives. The officers thank all members of the guild for persevering. We’ve got a great bunch of raiders looking forward to what Gul’dan...

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    • 2/3Trial of Valor
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      • Odyn
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      • Chronomatic Anomaly
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      • Krosus
      • Star Augur Etraeus
      • Spellblade Aluriel
      • High Botanist Tel'arn
      • Tichondrius
      • Grand Magistrix Elisande
      • Gul'dan
    • 7/7Emerald Nightmare
      • Nythendra
      • Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
      • Elerethe Renferal
      • Ursoc
      • Dragons of Nightmare
      • Cenarius
      • Xavius



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